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"Amazing Shading"

Galaliz Infantas

"Best machine ever, the wireless option is just amazing.Is great for everything but is just amazing how the shading come out so perfect I really love this machine I truly recommend. Best purchase I ever did and I never leave reviews for anything. This is how much I love it, Thank you!" - Sarah Brooks

"Wireless tattoo machine"

Galaliz Infantas

"Used this machine to do detail line tattoos. So far so good. Love that it’s wireless and keeps charge. I’ve used it before for three small tattoos back to back and it did not discharge. Good deal." - Emely Evens

"Amazing Machine!"

Galaliz Infantas

"Same machine as brow daddy and Linnie as listed, just doesn’t have the branded logo. Works well, and I’ve been able to achieve good saturation with 3-4 passes at 3rd speed." - Kristen C.