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Real-Girl Ways to Style Your Wedding Band

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Whether you’re married, engaged, or nowhere near that stage of your life, you’ve totally thought about the ring you’d like to seal the deal. Don’t lie to us. But have you thought about your wedding band? If you have, we’re sure you’ve got loads of questions: Should it be bigger or smaller than your engagement stone? Do you want more than one? Should it complete a set, or would you prefer it to be totally unique? Once you’ve got it, how should you stack it?

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After some careful research, we realized there isn’t one solution to any of these problems. That’s because every bride’s got a different style preference, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it only inspires us to get supercreative with the rings we want to flaunt forever and show off to everyone we know. On that note, read on to find 34 different real-girl ways to wear your wedding band . . . or bands. We know some of you lucky ladies have two.

1. Match Your Band With Your Nail Art

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2. Choose Tiny Diamonds to Play Up Your Bigger One

3. Say You Mean It With Words

Want more ways to style your engagement ring? Read the rest of this story here.

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